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Gwei Station App is now available for use! 🥳

Our Gwei Station app is now available and completely free to use!

The App is a utility – mobile application for users of Ethereum offering lots of features.

Features of GweiStation:

  • Gas price feed

See the current gas prices on Ethereum Mainnet, both in gwei and USD equivalent price. Our gas feed includes different transaction speeds such as Instant, Fast, Normal and Slow( uodated twice every second).

  • Mainnet Block Explorer

Tired of having to open etherscan on your browser everytime you want to explore the Ethereum Mempool ? Our block explorer feature makes it extremely easy for you!

  • Push Notifications

Set a range for gas fees that you’re comfortable with, and then get one or many push notifications on your phone when the network enters your desired gas range

Download GweiStation from Appstore and Google Play:

App Store Url:

Play Store Url:

If you find the app useful and would like to contribute to further development, please feel free to make donations to gweistation.eth.

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