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Build, Impact.

Hello, We're Mandala Tech. We design and develop impactful digital products.

Our journey began in 2018 when our founders, still in college were driven by a desire to create the products and experiences they longed for. Books Mandala, a cornerstone of Mandala Tech, became a fundamental element of our identity.

Along the way, we not only achieved our initial goal but also specialized in building products and experiences, assembling a remarkable team of talented individuals. Today, as a boutique team, we focus on developing in-house products that truly resonate with us.

Saurab Sharma

Saurab Sharma

Pratima Sharma

Pratima Sharma


Our Projects

Purposeful Work

A Merkle Labs Partner Company

We are a Merkle Labs Partner Company- we work closely with the team at Merkle Labs to develop innovative Web3 products, focusing on enhancing user experiences.

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