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Play Marble Arcade: The Classic Game of Marble Maze, Now on Your Phone!

The Marble Maze that you used to make at home as a DIY game is now available as a Mobile Game!

Marble Arcade is a mobile game that brings the timeless fun of rolling marbles to the palm of your hand.

It offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience that will keep you entertained for hours. With just a few taps on your phone, you can dive into a world filled with 49 challenging levels, each designed to push your strategic thinking and reflexes to the limit.

In Marble Arcade, each level presents a unique set of hurdles and a base platform that adds an extra layer of complexity. From closed shapes that offer a bit of respite to nerve-wracking open platforms that demand precision, the game tests your agility and decision-making skills.

As you progress through Marble Arcade, you’ll earn Bolt currency by completing levels, achieving milestones, and watching ads. This valuable currency can be used to unlock exciting upgrades and power-ups. Strengthen your marble’s abilities, purchase handy tools like glue to overcome obstacles, and unlock stunning skins to personalize your gaming experience.

Experience the nostalgia of the classic marble arcade game in a whole new way with Marble Arcade on your phone. Engage in thrilling challenges, collect Bolt currency, and challenge your friends in multiplayer mode. It’s time to roll your way to victory!

Download Marble Arcade now and unleash the marble master within you.

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