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Notable Businesses And Brands Using WordPress

Did you know, as of 2021, over 40% of the entire web is powered by WordPress? That is about 455 million websites. One in three websites that you visit uses WordPress. That is an impressive number.

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But, What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular platform to build websites and manage content. It was launched back in 2003 as a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Although it started as a simple blogging tool, today it is a powerful way to create many kinds of websites, like online businesses and stores, portfolios, membership sites, web applications, or simple blogs.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). it is free to download, use and modify to fit one’s needs. Its versatility, flexibility, and intuitive interface make it a popular choice among small and big businesses. Anyone can use it easily regardless of their technical background and skills.

Big Name Brands That Use WordPress

As WordPress is free, open-source software, there is a myth that it isn’t good for big companies. This myth has long been debunked though, as many notable brands and businesses use WordPress and are doing exceptionally well. In this blog, we will look at some of these companies.

  1. Facebook Newsroom: The most popular social media platform, Facebook, uses a WordPress-powered site to publish news and announcements. The website is minimal and sophisticated with information about the company and its values. You can find the newest and hottest blogs and news in tech, related (or not) to Facebook.
  2. BBC America: BBC America is a popular TV Network that brings us some of the big-name programs like The Graham Norton Show, Killing Eve, Queers, Orphan Black and Doctor Who. You can check schedules for upcoming shows and movies, stream them online or watch live on your TV.
  3. Sony Music: Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is a global music label. They feature artists of the likes of Pink Floyd, Prince, Black Eyed Peas, and Beyoncé. The site includes related news and blogs, artists’ information, featured videos, and social media timeline.
  4. The Walt Disney Company: The Walt Disney Company aims to ‘entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies that ours the world’s premier entertainment company.’ And who could’ve guessed they entertained WordPress to adapt it on their site? The website is simple and beautiful and features the latest news from the company.
  5. The Rolling Stones: Even management teams of musicians love WordPress. The Rolling Stones require no introduction. Their website features the bands’ information, their music and videos, official merchandise, tour details, and social media in a way that is truly rock and roll.
  6. Microsoft News: The Microsoft News website was created with WordPress. It has a magazine-style layout and includes the latest news and stories, updates, and showcases the official Microsoft products.
  7. The Harvard Gazette: The Harvard Gazette is the official news website for Harvard University. It covers news, stories, and updates on campus life, university issues, and politics, innovations in science and tech, medicine and health, as well as other social and global issues. It provides an insight into the campus life at Harvard and what it stands for.
  8. Usain Bolt: The fastest man in the world, the one, and only Usain Bolt’s official website is powered by WordPress. The website is simple and elegant and features the latest news and updates about the athlete, his foundation, and endorsements. We think that’s pretty cool.
  9. Sweden’s Official Website: Sweden’s official website is built on WordPress is another reason to discard the myth that WordPress is only for small businesses and blogs. You can find just about all kinds of stories and facts on Sweden and the latest news on business, culture, tradition, nature, society, and much more.
  10. Variety: Variety is a popular magazine and online news portal. It brings us entertainment news, reviews of movies and shows, updates on awards and film festivals, and more. The website has a notable magazine-style layout and all content is arranged neatly.
  11. AMC: AMC is an American television channel. It has given us incredible shows like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul. With its website built on WordPress, it gives us one more reason to geek out alongside zombies.
  12. TED Blog: TED is a popular talk program that brings topics and content from all over the world to daily conversations. This blog site is a way to further share such burning and influential ideas. You can find plenty of blogs and featured posts on different matters on the website.
  13. New York Post: New York Post is a New York-based daily newspaper. The website looks minimal but attractive with the red and white color theme. It features a boxed layout with content on various topics like business, entertainment, media, social and global issues.
  14. The Obama Foundation: The Obama Foundation website was also built with WordPress. The website screams elegant, with full-width images and a menu on the left side. You can find many articles, news, and updates alongside social media feed in 2 columns.
  15. The White House: The White House website has more of a simple white and blue, formal look. You can find a menu on the top section and the site features articles and news, a Twitter feed, and a sign-up form.
  16. Katy Perry: Katy Perry is yet another musician whose website was built on WordPress. The website has fancy fonts and colors in the true Katy Perry style. The latest merch, albums, and videos, social media sites are all arranged neatly.
  17. Mercedes-Benz: Mercedez Benz is a German automobile manufacturing company. The website is elegant and features posts and news on the brand and its products.
  18. IBM Jobs: IBM Jobs is where the company recruits new staff and employees. It gives an insider view of the company, its policy, goal, and what is in store for everyone who works there.
  19. TechCrunch: TechCrunch has news and updates about all kinds of tech and startups. The website is plain, minimalistic, and fully content-focused.
  20. Forbes Blog: Forbes Blog covers news, updates, and trending topics on business. The website is neat and functional. It also features daily ‘Quotes of the Day.’

We bet you recognize half, if not, all of these big-name businesses and brands.

Why These Companies Use WordPress

Let’s dive into why these companies love WordPress. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The interface is intuitive, friendly, and easy to use.
  • Anyone can download, set up, and use WordPress easily.
  • Businesses have full control over their websites and content.
  • WordPress is self-hosted and managed by the user. More control over how to style and run the business.
  • Extremely easy to create, modify and publish blogs.
  • Offers a vast ecosystem of plugins and templates to choose from.
  • The platform is scalable depending upon the size and growth of the business.
  • Easy to edit and manage various forms of media like images, videos, and gifs.
  • Super SEO friendly and helps to rank websites higher in search results.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design.
  • Makes websites more functional with the help of extensions and integrations.

With so many benefits, it is not hard to understand why businesses of all kinds and scales use WordPress. Also, notice how versatile WordPress is; the many different kinds of businesses it helps to manage online. From online magazines and news portals to online stores and portfolios, it covers almost anything.

And is absolutely free to use. Anyone can create a beautiful and functional website with little effort. If you decide to choose WordPress to build a website, you will be in the good company of all these popular and successful companies. So, why not.

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