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Meet The Star Team

If you have combed your way through our website, you know that we are nice people. 🙃 This is your chance to meet us:

Saurab Sharma

Product Officer, Co-Founder

Pratima Sharma

CEO, Co-Founder

Nishal GUrung


Niraj Pun Magar

Design Team Lead, UI/UX Designer.

Kabir tamari

Project Lead

Anjal Baral

Front End Developer

Bibek Gurung

Graphic Designer

Asmit Nepali

Laravel Developer

Anjan Poudel

Front End Developer

Riya Pant

Content Writer

Ritika Dawadi

Content Creator

Swikrit SubedI

Social Meda Strategist

Mamata Thapa

Graphic Designer

Prashant Dhoju

Game Developer

Saugat Poudel


Flutter Developer

Fancy joining our Team?

As a team that's growing every day, we might have some vacancies.

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