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The tl;dr

We know you are busy, so we’ll get straight to the point.

Since 2018, Mandala IT Solutions has been at the forefront of Business Information and Digital Marketing Technology in Nepal, providing over 40+ clients a range of services including Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Creative Designs, Explainer Videos, UI/UX, Mobile & Web application development.

After some years of working on whatever projects we could get our hands on, we ended up creating a team of incredibly talented individuals, empowered to put their best work into the hands of thousands of people, with very little in their way.

We mostly work on our own in-house projects. but we also work with different companies and Individuals on design and development related projects of all shapes and sizes. That’s more or less it. But if you’re still curious, keep scrolling.

Team Members
Years of Operation
Problems Solved! 🙃

Our Mission & Vision

We like to experiment. It helps us think new thoughts, meet new people, create new things, discover beautiful objects, and challenge ourselves. Our Mission and Vision is to work on real-world problem solving projects that also allow us with a chance to experiment, learn and grow, both as a team and Individually.

Mandala Tech is fully-owned and self-funded.
That means we really can do whatever we want to! Meaning we can choose our direction completely and although we like to make a profit, we love the freedom of being able to simply do the things we want to do. In fact, it’s that very freedom that allows us to create incredible products and ideas that’s not just claiming to be different, but that’s actually different.

We're all in this together.

You know some things, we know some things. Together we know a lot of things. We believe the best work happens when we don’t think of ourselves as a client and agency but as one big messy team.

Be raw.

We believe the best work happens when anybody can speak up about anything at any time. When people can truly be the authentic version of themselves.

Figure it out.

We’re not afraid of the unknown. Life is change, and we adapt. That’s how we grow. We say “Yes, we can,” even if we’re not yet sure exactly how we will.

Life is short.

Life is short and kind of ridiculous. We’ll all be dead soon so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. We are stupid in a good way. Foolish in a better way. We are here, we’re alive, and it’s pretty damn great.

Our Team

Mandala Tech is the team of bright creative people from various areas: UI/UX, graphic and motion design, mobile and web development, digital art, project management and copywriting. We are all united with a desire to do our work the best way possible. We aren’t afraid of challenges and know the power of teamwork. .

Our Principles

Our principle is to make digital products that are both functional and beautiful. Products that help you get from A to B but also tell you a little story on the way. Products that create emotions. Products that make the seconds or minutes or hours you spend using them just a little bit better. In short, we aim to create digital products that build mutually satisfying relationships that can grow with each interaction.


When we’re not working for our clients, we like to experiment. It helps us think new thoughts, meet new people, create new things, discover beautiful objects, and challenge ourselves.


We’re not going to lie. The culture at Mandala Tech isn’t perfect. Like every group of people we have our issues. But we are all dedicated to continuing to improve, and we think that’s a pretty good start.

Do great work.

Great work has a purpose, it solves a problem, it creates ways for people to connect. If it wins awards or if other people think it’s cool then that’s nice, we guess, but that's not why we do it. We do it because it has impact, it helps someone, it makes their lives easier or better or just more fun.

Logo & Guidelines

Here you’ll find a file leading to our brand guidelines and downloadable assets. It's mostly for our team members to use but you can open and have a look.

We’d love to hear about your brand and business challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is. No pitch, no strings attached.